If you want to avoid massive crowd and huge lines in Shanghai Disneyland Park and also experience most of attractions, maybe these Shanghai Disneyland tips below will help you.

Shanghai Disneyland Park was open on June 16th, 2016. But I didn’t go there until nearly half a year later with my family on December 19. The only reason is just I’m afraid of huge lines. According to my survey and my friend’s experience of Shanghai Disneyland Park, I chose to go on Monday because usually there were less people. To my surprise, that Monday was a special Monday just like weekends and holidays. But thanks to my travel plan, we still experienced what we wanted and had fun in one day.
Shanghai Disneyland

17 Shanghai Disneyland tips are based on my experience in one day.

Must have APP in Shanghai Disneyland

<1> Download Shanghai Disney Resort Mobile App which has live Disney wait times and an interactive map of the park.One of Shanghai Disneyland Tips is downloading Shanghai Disney Resort APP. Arrive earlier, Arrive earlier, Arrive earlier

<2> Try to arrive one hour earlier than the opening time. For example, it opens at 9 o’clock in the morning in December. But the security check starts at 8 AM. So try to arrive at 8 AM. Opening time is different in different date.

Although you arrive so early, many guests are already lining up in front of you.

This tip is one of the most important Shanghai Disneyland tips and it will influence you on playing with Soaring Over the Horizon and then other attractions later.

One of Shanghai Disneyland tips to avoid huge lines is to arrive earlier


Important Shanghai Disneyland Map

<3> Remember to get the Shanghai Disneyland Guide Map and Disneyland Times Guide at the ticket-check entrance. This is very important. Disney Fastpass attractions, show times and many other details are shown on them both.

One of Shanghai Disneyland Tips is getting Shanghai Disneyland Map. One of Shanghai Disneyland Tips is getting Shanghai Disneyland Times Guide

About renting stroller

<4> If you have kids with you,remember to rent strollers near the Main Entrance, 50 RMB for each for one day. Return at the same place when you are back. Don’t worry it will be lost. Also a wheelchair is for rental.
I carried my own stroller that day so that I saved some time to rush to Soaring Over the Horizon.

rend stroller in Shanghai Disneyland Park

What to bring in Shanghai Disneyland?

<5> Sealed water bottles and pre-packaged food are allowed to be brought in. So if you plan to experience a lot of attractions in one day, I’d suggest bringing some snack and don’t spend much time on lining up for dinner in the park.

The summer in Shanghai is hot and humid, so I’d suggest bringing enough water. Of course direct drinking water is available in the park and please take a cup with you. Also you can buy bottles of water or drink in the park.

How to experience the longest queue attraction in minimum waiting time?

<6> Upon entry, after walking through the Micky Avenue, take a sharp right and power walk to Soaring Over the Horizon in Adventure Isle. You will walk through the Fastpass station. Maybe there have been a long queue, then don’t get the Fastpass and go directly to line up for Soaring Over the Horizon. This is the key for one day touring. Huge line for this attraction is so horrible. Wait time is at leat 2 hours all through the day. I remember that day when we were lining up there at about 9:16AM, I checked the wait time on App had showed 75 minutes.

Shanghai Disney wait times Shanghai Disneyland wait times

<7> Based on Shanghai Disneyland tip <6>, remember don’t wander on Mickey Avenue at first. It will take much time for you to do shopping and take photos. You can come back after all the attractions and shows are finished at night.

One tip about getting Fastpass ticket which most guests will do it but you’d better not

<8> We have no plan for Roaring Rapids. If you want to experience, remember to pick up Fastpass ticket. But I’m not definitely sure whether you can get it after Soaring Over the Horizon since the huge line for this attraction is also horrible. Don’t try asking one member to line up for Fastpass ticket and asking others to line up for Soaring Over the Horizon. Why?

I remember that day when we lined up for the Soaring on the Horizon, many guests were asked by the attendants to go back to the end of the queue and line up again. Attendants are standing by the rail showed on the picture below.

the longest queue attraction in Shanghai Disneyland Park

Waiting time of Pirates of The Caribbean

<9> After these two attractions, head to Pirates of The Caribbean in Treasure Cove. According to my friend’s experience of many times in Shanghai Disneyland Park, this is the hot and unique attraction but no long queue. So if less than 20 minutes, don’t line up and head to others first. But that day was a special day just like weekend and holiday, much more guests than before. Wait time is always more than one hour. So my suggestion is if the wait time is less than 40 minutes, then don’t hesitate to line up.

Garden of Imagination or Tomorrowland

<10> After Pirates of The Caribbean, head to the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train or Adventures of Winnie the Pooh in Garden of Imagination. These two attractions are popular for kids. So if you don’t take kids with you, then consider other attractions. Maybe head directly to Tomorrowland is a better choice.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train or Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

<11> Line up to pick up the Fastpass ticket for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train or Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. Please check APP for the standby time. Choose the one with longer queue. And then go to line up for the other one to experience.

One of Shanghai Disneyland Tips is getting Shanghai Disneyland Fastpass Ticket.

Which Fastpass ticket should I get in Tomorrowland?

<12> If you take kids with you, you may spend much time in Fantasyland. Otherwise, head straight to Tomorrowland. Usually , there is no long queue for Buzz Lightyear Planet Rescue. So consider picking up Fastpass ticket of other attractions. Usually Fastpass tickets will be sold out in the afternoon.

One tip of three shows : Frozen, Tarzan, Eye of the Storm

<13> Three shows: Frozen, Tarzan, Eye of the Storm. Check the show time during the tour. If there are a lot of guests in the park, then try to get to the theatre ahead of half an hour. I remember when we got to the theatre for Eye of the Storm 5 minutes ahead, guests were not allowed to enter because it was full.

Don’t miss the Disneyland Shanghai’s daily fireworks show

<14> Watch Disneyland Shanghai’s daily fireworks show titled Ignite the Dream at night. Please check the park calendar for the time. The time is different between the summer and the winter.

Make full use of Disney parade time to experience those hot attractions

<15> Mickey’s Storybook Express,a musical, magical train-themed parade loaded with dozens of Disney Characters, led by Mickey Mouse himself. Don’t miss it and check the park calendar because of the different time in different dates.

But if you’re not interested in this, you can made full use of this period to experience those hot attractions with long queue in normal times since most of guests will enjoy this parade.

Shanghai Disneyland Parade

After parade

<16> After Mickey’s Storybook Express, rush to the popular attraction that you haven’t experienced. Even you can run before the parade is over. Note that you can find a location to enjoy the parade near the attraction you want to go.

A proper day can let you avoid huge lines

<17> Choose a day in advance and try to choose a weekday to avoid crowd. Of course if you have to go to China Disneyland in holidays or weekends, read Shanghai Disneyland tips above, read Shanghai Disneyland tips above and read Shanghai Disneyland tips above.

One of Shanghai Disneyland tips to avoid huge lines is to read my tips


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